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Yes, this is indeed the same Nate from this post earlier in the week. 

The year was 1992.  America had just dominated the Olympics in Barcelona.  I voted for Bill Clinton by calling Nickelodeon’s “Kids Vote” thingy, and I appropriately scolded my 3-year-old brother for voting for George H.W. Bush.  The #1 song on the charts was “Baby Got Back,” but I was more interested in the #10 song on the charts: “Achy Breaky Heart” by Billy Ray Cyrus.  What is it with the 90s and singers with 3 names?

My hometown’s population hovers around 6,000.  In my high school, the largest organization was the FFA (they are no longer the “Future Farmers of America” but are an agricultural group.)  In 1992, I attended a daycare prior to going to kindergarten in the afternoon.  At least once a week we would watch the Billy Ray Cyrus music video.  My friend and neighbor owned a tape of the single.  I did not.  My jealousy was immeasurable.

I wrote my letter to Santa.   There was only one thing on the list: Achy Breaky Heart.  Christmas Eve I left a plate of cookies for Santa, and some carrot slices for Rudolph.  Christmas morning I awoke to sheer disappointment: missing from my presents was any reference to the Cyrus family. But, oh, Nate. Come out into the kitchen. There’s something strange.

And there they were. Hoof prints on the linoleum floor that lead right to the basement door.  I followed them to our basement door, and then they began again downstairs, and led to our chimney.  Of course! Santa had brought Rudolph in with him!  Near the chimney, there was another present, with a card.  It read:

Dear Nathan,
This is a present especially from me!  Merry Christmas!  Thanks for the
Love, Rudolph

He also signed it with a hoof print.  The present?  A single of “Achy Breaky Heart.”  And my favorite Christmas memory.

Thanks to Nate for writing a guest post and sharing quite the childhood memory (a story I don’t believe I’ve ever heard.) You can follow him on his own blog at http://nateonseoul.tumblr.com/

Also, I have to confess…I not only had the Billy Ray Cyrus cassette tape (the entire album!) but I also had a sweatshirt that said “Achy Breaky Heart” which my grandma bought me at a festival…

Do you have a favorite Christmas or holiday memory you can share with us?